A user has forgotten the password

Article Number:040357

Although user information is managed by Kintone Users & System Administrators, it is not possible for them check each user's current password.
A Kintone Users & System Administrator has to set a new password for the user following the steps described below and notify it to the user.

Open the "Users & System Administration" screen as a user with the administrative permission and select Departments & Users.

Screenshot: A GIF that shows how to navigate to the "Departments & Users" screen

Click the edit icon for the user whose password you want to change.

Screenshot: The "Edit User" icon

Click Change Password.

Screenshot: The "Change Password" button

Set a new password.

Screenshot: The "Change Password" dialog

  • Generate automatically: The automatically generated string will be set as a new password.
  • Enter manually: The password entered by the Administrator will be set as a new password. You can enter a new password.

Notify the user of the new password and check that the user can log in using the password.
Clicking Save and Send via E-mail, you can send the new password to the user by e-mail.

Screenshot: The dialog to edit the e-mail for notifying the user of the new password