What Can Be Done with App Actions

App actions enable apps to copy record data to specified apps.
For example, users can copy customer information to the Order Management app to save the effort of manually entering the information for each customer in the app.
This page uses the Order Management app and the Customer List app to describe what app actions can do for users.

Before App Action Is Implemented

Users need to enter customer information manually whenever an order is received. Customer List without App Action

After App Action Is Implemented

Users can copy necessary information from the Customer List app to create a record in the Order Management app.
Customer List with App Action

For details on how to create and configure app actions, see the "Setting App Actions" page.

Example Usage of App Action

For example, managing recruitment on Kintone can be inefficient when users have to re-enter the same applicant information in another app to schedule interviews. In cases such as that, an app action is a good solution.

When an applicant passes the document screening, users can use an app action to copy the applicant information to an app for managing interviews to track the applicant's subsequent process.
Update the app

Related Features

In addition to the App Action feature, the Lookup and Related Records features can help you integrate data across apps. The features have different strengths and weaknesses. You need to select the best one for each purpose to get the most from apps.

  • Use App Actions to copy existing records to specified apps. You can use this feature either between different apps or in the same app.
  • Lookup helps users create a record by referencing another app to copy relevant information.
  • Related Records automatically display records that are related to the contents of the current record. For example, Related Records are useful when you want to see a list of projects that are associated with a single customer. You can use this feature either between different apps or in the same app.

For details, see Integrating Data Across Apps.