Additional Notes on Exported Files

Article Number:040454

This page provides additional information on how records are displayed in the exported file.

  • The exported file usually contains one record per row.
    However, if a record contains a table, it will be exported in multiple lines. In that case, one record is composed of a line with "*" and its subsequent lines without "*" in the "New Record Flag" column. If the record also contains values other than the table, the values are exported in each line, just like copied data.
    Example of the exported data

  • For data in the Calculated field, the calculated result is exported in the file.

  • The thousands separators and the unit of measure specified in the field settings will not be exported to the file.

  • For data in the Check box and Multi-choice fields, selectable options will be exported as one option per column and the column for the selected option has a value "1".
    Example of the exported data

  • If you export the data of rich text fields in HTML format, some characters will be exported as character references.
    Example of characters exported as character references:

    • Some full-width symbols, such as &¥()*+-/:;<=>?@~|
    • Some half-width symbols
    • Full-width alphanumeric characters
    • Half-width katakana, and others
      In addition to the above ones, there are other symbols and characters that are converted to character references.

    If you want to export data in the format that you can view or edit characters more easily (text format), select the "Export Rich Text fields in text format" in the Output Options when you export the data to a file.

  • There is a case where the Department Access Control is enabled when you export data with the Output display names of users, groups and departments option turned on. In that case, if you do not have view permissions for users or departments, those data will be exported as "(could not get the display name)", along with their login names or department codes.

  • If you export the data of users with the Output display names of users, groups and departments option turned off, the data for deleted users will be exported with their login names, followed by the time when they were deleted in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) format.
    If you export the values of users using their display names, on the other hand, the deleted time is not added to the display names of the deleted users.

  • Login names of guest users are exported as email addresses with "guest/" added to the beginning.


  • The exported file does not contain the records I wanted to export
    The records might be excluded by the filter conditions you specified for records. Only the records displayed in the selected View are exported to a file. Make sure the records are displayed in the View, and then export the data to a file. Sometimes, you may need to configure the filter conditions again.

  • The data is garbled in the exported file.
    The specified character encoding might be wrong. For details, refer to How do I specify character encoding when exporting data to a file?