Is it possible to use both "AND" and "OR" filter conditions at the same time?

Article Number:040155

You can use "AND" and "OR" conditions together if you specify Text field, Link field, or Lookup field as a filter condition.

As an example, we will shows you how to filter records which meet the following conditions.

  • Customer name is either "A Company" or "B Inc." (OR condition)
  • Month of sales is "This Month"
  • Both of the above two conditions are met (AND condition)

A "Text" field is used for customer name and a "Date" field is used for the month of sales.

  1. On the "View" screen, click the filter button Image .
    A screen for setting filter conditions opens.

  2. Select "Customer Name" and "includes any of", then enter "A Company" and "B Inc." in the entry fields.

  3. Click the add button Image to add a condition field, and then select "Month of Sales", "= (equal to)", "This Month", and "All days".

  4. Check that "All conditions are met" is selected.

  5. Click Apply or Save.
    If you click Apply, records are filtered in accordance with the specified condition.
    In an app for which you have management permission, you can click Save to save the filter condition within the app.

After performing the above actions, the records will be filtered under the specified conditions.