Radio button

Article Number:040535

Radio button You can place a Radio button to allow selecting only one option from multiple options.
You cannot save this field without selecting any option. This is a required field.

Similar Fields

  • Drop-down
    Like the "Radio button" field, this field allows users to select one option from a collection of options. It is possible to leave the drop-down options unselected.

  • Check box / Multi-choice
    "Check box" and "Multi-choice" fields are suitable when you want to allow users to select multiple options.

Usage Examples

Radio button is suitable when you want to select only one option from previously set multiple options. For example, when you want to provide "Probability" field in a lead management app, or "Inquiry Type" field in an inquiry management app, use this field. Example of inquiry management app

Setting Options

Radio button

  • Name
    • Specify the label for the field.
  • Hide field name
    • Select this option to hide the field name on the "Add Record," "Edit Record," and "Record Details" screens and the screen to print a record.
  • Options
    • You can change the ordering of the options by dragging and dropping the arrow icon.
      The values entered here are displayed as the options.
      Up to 1,000 options can be set. The maximum number of characters allowed for each option name is 128 in half-width or full-width.
  • Layout
    • Select the layout of options to be displayed from the horizontal or vertical layout.
      On a mobile device, options are displayed vertically regardless of this setting. Position of the radio button options
  • Default Value
    • Set the default value for the field. Default value is always set for radio buttons.
      Set the frequently selected value as the default.
  • Field Code
    • A string used for specifying this field in formulas or APIs.
      You can specify "Radio button" fields in formulas.