Creating an App from a CSV File

You can create a new app by importing a CSV file. While you are creating an app, data in the file can be imported.

To import data from an Excel file, see Creating an App from an Excel File. To import data from a CSV file to an existing app, see Create/Update Records in Bulk: Importing a File.

Overview of Creating an App from a CSV File

STEP 1. Make sure that the CSV file or a copy of the original CSV file is ready to use.
STEP 2. Edit the CSV file to format the data so that it can be imported to Kintone, and then save the file.
STEP 3. Use a wizard to import the file.

Steps to Create an App from a CSV File

  1. Format the data in the CSV file so that the data can be imported to Kintone. Save the completed file on your PC.

  2. From the top page of Kintone, in the Apps section, click Plus (+) icon.
    Top page screen

  3. Click "Create from CSV". Screen

  4. Click "Continue". Screen

  5. Select the check boxes to confirm the check points, and then click "Continue to the Upload screen".

  6. Click "Browse", and select a file to import. Screen

  7. Check if the contents of the imported file are correctly displayed in "File Contents".
    If the text in the CSV file is garbled, try changing the "Character Encoding" setting.
    If the columns are incorrectly separated, try changing the "Delimiter" setting. Screen

  8. Check if auto-suggested field types are correct.
    Kintone automatically sets appropriate field types based on data in the CSV file. Generally, you do not have to change the field types.
    Select "(Skip this row)" for items that you do not want to import from the CSV file to the app.

  9. Click "Convert" on the bottom right side of the screen. Screen

  10. Check the created app.
    Screen You can change the name and icon of the app from the app settings page.
    You can change the placement of fields by opening the app settings page and then navigating to the Form screen.
    When you failed to create an app, see the page forhandling errors.