When I try to change the Permissions for App setting, a message "No user has application management right" appears

Article Number:040254

If you click Save in the Permissions for App when there is no app administrator, an error is displayed indicating that there is no user who can manage the app.
To fix this error, you need to specify a user/organization/group who manages the app.
Detailed steps are as follows.

If No Checkbox Is Selected for the "Manage app"

Select a "Manage app" checkbox for a user/organization/group who manages the app.

If It Is Considered That No App Administrators Exists

Even if a user's checkbox for the "Manage app" is selected, that user might no be considered as the app administrator depending on the permission settings.

If you select multiple permissions for a user, the setting of the upper line has higher priority.
Suppose that you do not grant the app management permission to the Sales Division, while granting that permission to Barbara Miller who belongs to the Sales Division.
In this case, Barbara Miller is not considered to have app management permission as well. Therefore, she cannot save the permission setting.
In order to save the permission setting, drag the arrow button that is in the far left of Barbara Miller's row and move that button to the top.