User Selection

User Selection field This is a field for selecting Kintone users.
You can select multiple users.

Usage Examples

  • The User Selection field is useful for various apps, such as project management app or inquiry management app for entering contacts or transportation expense reimbursement app for entering approvers.
    Project management app example
  • To select users, enter a login name or user display name to select from a list shown below or click the icon icon for selecting a user from departments or groups to select a user from a department or group list. User Selection
  • Clicking user name shows the user's profile.
  • You can make a user list by entering contacts or approvers in the User Selection field to provide the following features:

Setting Options for User Selection Fields

User Selection field
  • Field Name
    Specifies the header for the entry item.

  • Hide field name
    Hides the field names on the screen to set forms and the screens to add, edit, enter details of, and print records.

  • Required field
    Sets a field where a value is required to be entered.

  • Preset departments
    Specifies users which will be displayed in the User selection.

    • If this option is not specified, all users will be displayed in the User selection.
    • Specifying an item shows the users in the department/group you specified and the user you specified on the list, and you can click to select it. Specify an item
  • Default Value
    Sets the default value.

  • Field Code
    A text string to identify the field. The field code is used in API requests. A value is assigned by the system automatically, but you can change it to any value. For details, see What Is a Field Code?