User selection

Article Number:040543

Screenshot: "User selection" field Placing the "User selection" field on your app form lets you create an input field for specifying Kintone users.
Multiple users can be selected.

Similar Fields

There is also a "Department selection" field for specifying departments, as well as a "Group selection" field for specifying groups (roles) registered in Kintone.
Department selection
Group selection

Using the "User selection" Field

You can specify a user in one of the following ways.

  • Enter a login name or display name, then select the user that appears under the field.
  • Click the Select users from departments or groups icon to the right of the field, then select one or more users from their department or group. Screenshot: Selecting users

After selecting and saving a user, you can click their name to see their profile.

Usage Examples

The "User selection" field can be used for a variety of purposes, such as assigning people in charge of tasks in apps for managing cases or inquiries, or selecting an approver on a transportation expense reimbursement app. Screenshot: Case management app example

You can also register people in charge or approvers to the "User Selection" field for purposes like the ones listed below.

  • Use filtering to view only the cases assigned to specific users:
    In the View settings, specify the "User selection" field as a filter condition.
    Filtering Records to Display in the View
  • Calculate the total number of cases for each user:
    Specify the "User selection" field as a sum item or condition.
    Creating Charts
  • Notify contacts about upcoming answer deadlines for inquiries:
    Specify the "User selection" field as the notification recipient.
    Overview of App Notification Settings
  • Set an approver for transportation expense reimbursement:
    Specify the "User selection" field as the assignee for process management.
    Overview of Process Management
  • Give permission to view or edit records exclusively to requesters and approvers:
    Specify the "User selection" field in the Permissions for Records or Permissions for Fields settings.
    Managing Permissions

"User Selection" Field Settings

Screenshot: "User selection" field

  • Name

    • Specify the label for the field.
  • Hide field name

    • Hide the field name on the "New Record," "Edit Record," "Record Details," and record printing screens.
  • Required field

    • Require that data is entered into the field.
  • Preset users

    • Specify the users that will be displayed as options.
      If no preset users are specified, all users will be selectable from the field. If preset users are specified, the field will display these users in a list, allowing you to make selections from it by clicking on the options. Screenshot: Specifying preset users
  • Default Value

    • Set the default value of the field.
      If you specify a user as the default value, they will automatically be entered on the "New Record" screen when you open it to create a new record.
  • Field Code

    • A string used for specifying this field in APIs.