Is it possible to change the login e-mail address for guest users?

Article Number:040338

E-mail addresses for guest users can be changed. They must be changed by individual guest users on the "Account Settings" screen.
In the following sections, we explain the steps in two scenarios: when a guest user can log in to a guest space, and when a guest user cannot.

When a Guest User Can Log in to the Guest Space

  1. Access and log in to the guest space.
    The login URL is "".

  2. Click the Open the Account Settings icon (the down arrow at the top right of Kintone), then click Account Settings. Image

  3. On the E-mail Address tab, specify a new e-mail address and your password and click Save.

  4. When a confirmation e-mail is sent to the new e-mail address, click the URL in the e-mail.
    The guest user is required to complete the change of the e-mail address within an hour after receiving the confirmation e-mail.

When a Guest User Cannot Log in to the Guest Space

This section describes what a guest user needs to do when s/he has forgotten the e-mail address or password to log in.

In this case, a System Administrator first needs to check the registered e-mail address for the guest user and set a new password.
After that, the guest user needs to log in using the registered e-mail address and the new password set by the System Administrator and then change the e-mail address.

(1) Checking the E-mail Address and Setting a New Password (Operation by a System Administrator)

  1. Click the Settings icon (the gear-shaped icon at the top of Kintone), then select Kintone Administration.

  2. Click Guest Management.

  3. Click the Edit icon at the left of the guest user in question.

  4. In the "E-mail Address" field, check the registered e-mail address.

  5. Set a new password in the "Password" field, then click Save at the upper left of the screen.

Inform the guest user of the registered e-mail address and the new password.

(2) Logging in to the Guest Space (Operation by a Guest User)

  1. Access the guest space and log in with the e-mail address and a new password provided by the administrator.
    The login URL is "".

  2. Change the e-mail address by following the steps described in When a Guest Can Log in to the Guest Space.
    Also change the password if necessary.