Configuring Permissions for Fields

Article Number:040593

You can restrict viewing or editing of fields to certain users. Restrictions can be set on a per field basis.


  1. Click the App Settings button App Settings button at the upper right of the "View" screen, select the App Settings tab, and then select Fields under Permissions.
    The App Settings button

  2. Click Add. Screenshot: The "Add" button

  3. From the drop-down list displayed in the row you have added in Step 2, select a field for which you want to set permission.
    Screenshot: Selecting a field from the drop-down list

  4. Set permission for the selected field.
    When multiple permission sets are configured for a single user, any permission set that is located higher on the list takes precedence.

    Example setting to allow only "John Jones" to view and edit the field values:
    John Jones [✔] View [✔] Edit
    Everyone [  ] View [  ] Edit
    Example setting to allow all users except "John Jones" to view and edit the field values:
    John Jones [  ] View [  ] Edit
    Everyone [✔] View [✔] Edit
    If you specify a field from the Add a field for selection drop-down list, the permission setting is applied to users, departments, or groups selected in the specified field. If you specify a "Department selection" field and select the Permissions inheritance check box for the department, the same permission setting is applied to users who belong to its sub-departments.
  5. Click Save on the upper left side of the screen.

Tips: Utilizing "Field Group" fields

Putting multiple fields together in a "Field group" field before configuring the Permissions for Fields setting, you can set the same permission for these fields at once.
The steps are as follows.

Place a "Field group" field on the app form and put multiple fields together in the field. Screenshot: The "Field group" field is being added on the Form setting screen

Configure the Permissions for Fields setting for the "Field group" field. Screenshot: Setting permission for the "Field group" field