What kinds of Kintone features and actions are unavailable for guest users?

Article Number:040340

Guest users can access only the guest space they are invited to and the apps that belong to the guest space. They cannot access other spaces and apps.
It is also not possible for them to create a new guest space.

Actions Guest Users Cannot Perform in the Guest Space They Have Joined

Since guest users are not granted the permission to manage guest spaces, they cannot carry out the following actions:

  • Changing general settings of the guest space
  • Editing the Announcement section (space dashboard) of the guest space
  • Deleting the guest space
  • Adding or deleting space members
  • Deleting threads created by other users
  • Editing the thread body created by other users

It is possible for guest users to create a new thread or delete/edit threads they have created.
They can also perform searches in the guest space they have joined, or post comments on threads in the guest space.

Guest users can neither create new apps, nor delete apps, nor change the settings of the apps in the guest space.

What they can do with apps in the guest space varies depending on the permission configured in each app.

Other Actions and Features Unavailable for Guest Users

  • Guest users' People pages do not have an area to post comments.
    It is possible for guest users to change their profile and cover photo.

  • If a guest user specifies the e-mail notification format in their Personal Settings, the specified format is not applied to non-notification e-mails (e.g., invitation e-mails and the e-mail to notify that the account is created).
    The format specified in the E-mail Notification Format settings under E-mail Notifications in Kintone Administration is applied to these e-mails.
    Personal Settings
    Configuring the E-mail Notifications setting

  • Customization of Kintone operations and screens using JavaScript and CSS is not applied to guest users.
    Customization of apps is applied to guest users.
    Customization Using JavaScript and CSS
    Customizing an App Using JavaScript and CSS

  • Some of the items in the Login Security settings in Users & System Administration are applied to guest users, while others are not.
    For details, refer to Login Security Settings That Are Applied to Guests.

  • Guest users cannot use the Kintone mobile app.
    Guest users must use Web browsers when accessing from smartphones.