Adding Users

Article Number:040138

This page describes how to add users in Kintone.

The procedure described here is different from the procedure to invite users when you first log in to the service or during the free trial. With this procedure, you can add users anytime.

You can add users even if you have not added any department yet. It is also possible to add users first and departments afterward. For details on how to add departments, refer to Adding Departments.

  1. Click the Settings button Gear icon at the upper right of the Kintone screen and click "Kintone Users & System Administration."
    Image Kintone Users & System Administration is displayed.

  2. Click Departments & Users under User Administration.
    Image of Departments & Users enclosed with red line

  3. Select either of the following according to whether you want to add the user to a department or not. You can also configure or change the department to which the user belongs afterward.

    • When you want to add the user to an existing department: Expand the department tree and select the department to which you want to add the user.
    • When you do not want the user to belong to any department: Click Unassigned Users.
      The "Departments & Users" setting screen
  4. Click New User. Image of New User enclosed with red line

  5. Configure each item.

    Item Description
    Picture Select an image file with a size of 800 KB or less.
    The following image file formats are supported:
    • gif
    • jpeg
    • png
    • bmp
    • Display Name (Required):
    • Enter the user's display name for Kintone.
    • Given Name, Surname:
    • Enter the user's surname and the given name.
    • Phonetic Surname, Phonetic Given Name:
    • Enter the pronunciation for the user's surname and given name. (Japanese only)
    Login Name (Required) Enter an ID to be used for logging in to Kintone.
    For details on characters and symbols you cannot use for a login name, refer to Rules for Login Name.
    E-mail Enter the e-mail address of the user.
    This e-mail address is used for receiving notifications from Kintone and resetting a password when the user forgets it. Do not specify a shared e-mail address for this field.
    Status You can switch the service usage status.
    Click this to switch between "Active" and "Inactive."
    Services to Use This field displays a list of services which are available with your license and services of which you have signed up for a trial.
    Confirm that Kintone is selected.
    Department Specify a department to which the user belongs and assign a job title to the user. For details on how to add a department and a job title, refer to the following:
    Priority Department Select a department that will appear on the user's screen preferentially when the user belongs to multiple departments.
    Phone Enter a telephone number.
    URL Enter the URL of a Web page.

    For details on the fields in the Optional section, refer to User Details Fields.

  6. Click Save.
    Screen to add a new user The Create Password dialog box appears.

  7. Configure the user password in either of the following ways.

    • When you want to generate the password automatically: Select Generate automatically.
    • When you want to set the password manually: Select Enter manually and enter a password. Image of the "Create Password" dialog
  8. Select how to notify the user of the password and the login instruction.

    • When you want to notify the user by e-mail: Click Create and Send via E-mail, enter the email address of the user and message, and then click Send.
    • When you do not want to notify the user by e-mail: Click Create. Inform the user of the following information.
      • Access URL of Kintone (Example: https://subdomain
      • Login Name
      • Password