Editing Records

Article Number:040719

This article explains how to edit records one by one from the "Record Details" screen.

Note that records can be edited only by users who are granted the "Edit records" permission in the Permissions for App setting. If the Permissions for Records setting is configured, users must also be granted the "Edit" permission for the records in the Permissions for Records setting.

  1. Click the app to open the "View" screen.
    Opening the "View" screen

  2. Click the Show Record Details icon at the far left of the record you want to edit.
    Opening the "Record Details" screen

  3. Click the Edit Record icon.
    Opening the "Edit Record" screen

    The "Edit Record" screen appears.

  4. Edit the record.
    Editing a record

  5. Click Save to save the record.
    Saving the record

You have successfully edited the record.
Clicking the History icon on the record lets you check which area of the record you have edited.
Checking the History

If an error appears and you cannot save a record

There may be a problem in the permission settings or app settings.
To resolve the issue, refer to the following pages.