Editing Records

To edit existing records individually, you can use the View (in list format) screen or the Record Details screen.

However, records can be edited only when Edit record permission is granted to you in the "Permissions for App". If "Permissions for Records" is configured, the Edit permission for the records needs to be granted to you in the "Permissions for Records" as well.

Shown below is the procedure to edit (or update) records in the record details screen.

  1. Click the app to open the "View" screen.
    Opening the View

  2. Click the icon to display the Record Details Icon to open the Record Details screen in the left most column of the record you want to edit.
    Opening the Record Details screen

  3. Click the icon to edit records Edit icon.
    Open the screen to edit records.

    The "Edit Record" screen appears.

  4. Edit the contents of this record.
    Editing Records

  5. Click Save to save the record.
    Saving the record

The record has been successfully edited.
Click the History tab of the record you edited Image to see how the record was changed.
Checking the History

If You Cannot Save Records Due to an Error

There might be a problem related to access permission or app setting.
For details on how to solve the problem, see the following page.