When You Cannot Receive Notifications

If you cannot receive notifications in Kintone, there can be following causes:

1. You processed records by yourself.
2. "Per Record Notifications" has been configured, and the specified condition is already met.
3. You do not have view permission for records to be notified.
4. You are using the test environment.

Refer to the following descriptions when you do not receive notifications in Kintone.

1. You Processed Records by Yourself

If you processed records by yourself (adding records, for example), you are not notified about such records.

2. "Per Record Notifications" Has Been Configured, and the Specified Condition Is Already Met

You are notified if the specified condition is met at the time of adding/editing a record.
Try to add a new record, and check whether you are notified about that record.
For an already added record, change the value to any value that does not meet the specified condition, and change the value again to the one that meets the condition, and then check whether you receive a notification about that record.

3. You Do Not Have View Permission for Records to Be Notified

You are not notified about records that you do not have view permissions for.
Records that you are not allowed to view might be the ones described below.

  • You are not granted the view permission on "Permissions for App".
    "View records" option should be selected on the "Permissions for App".

  • You are not granted the view permission on the "Permissions for Records".
    "View" option should be selected on the "Permissions for Records".

  • You are not allowed to use the app on the "Permissions for App Groups".
    Change the app group set in the app, or enable the "Manage/use/delete apps" option on the "Permissions for App Groups" for the app group permission setting.
    For details on how to change an app group, or to change permissions for an app group, see the following pages.

  • The app group is defined as "Private".
    The app creator needs to change the app group definition (other than "Private").

  • The app is in a private space, and the user is not a member of that space.
    Space administrator needs to add the user as a member of the space.

4. You Are Using the Test Environment

No notifications are sent in the test environment.