Creating a Template from an App and Registering It in Kintone

In the Kintone Administration screen, create a template from an existing app, and register it in Kintone.
By creating a template from an app and registering it in Kintone, users who use the same Kintone can create apps from the registered template.

If any lookup, related records, or app action setting in the source app (for creating a template) refers to other apps, such apps will be included in the template. If the datasource/target app further refers to other apps, those apps will also be included in the same template.
You can also manually select multiple apps which have no reference relationship with the source app, and put them together to create one template.

In order to create a template from an app and register it in Kintone, you need administrative permission on the app and Kintone administrative permission.

  1. Open the Kintone Administration screen.
    Opening the Kintone Administration Screen

  2. Click "App Templates".

  3. Click "New".

  4. Select the source app of the template, and then click "Next".
    You can select multiple apps to include them together in a template pack.

  5. Fill in each of the fields and click "Save".
    The created template is added to the app template list, and becomes selectable in the Create from Template in the Marketplace. Image