Guest Actions: Login Process for Guests

  1. Access the URL below.
    https://(subdomain name)
    Subdomain name can be checked in the notification e-mail received after completing account setup.
    E-mail example

  2. Enter your login name and password, and then click Login.

    • Login E-mail Address:
      Enter the e-mail address where you received the notification e-mail after completing the account setup.
    • Password:
      Enter the string that was entered during the initial setting.
      In case you have forgotten your password, click Forgot your password? and reset the password.
      login screen
  3. If necessary, enter the verification code and click Verify.
    In some cases, 2-step verification authentication is configured depending on the Kintone space to which you are invited.
    When 2-step verification authentication is configured, after step 2, enter the verification code that will be sent to your e-mail address in the above screen.
    Screen to enter verification code

  4. Add the login URL to favorites in your Web browser.
    I want to easily access the login URL

Can I Change the E-Mail Address to Be Used for Login?

Yes, you can.
Guest users can make changes by themselves.
Guest Action: Change the E-mail Address