Checking Kintone Audit Logs

Article Number:04054

Using Kintone audit logs, you can check who performed what kind of action on Kintone and when it was performed.
Audit logs can be checked on Users & System Administration.

Checking audit logs

  1. Click the Settings icon (the gear-shaped icon at the top of Kintone), then click Users & System Administration. Screenshot: Clicking the "Settings" icon and "Users & System Administration"

  2. Click View & Download under Audit Logs.

  3. Specify the filter conditions as necessary and click View. Screenshot: The "View & Download Audit Logs" screen

    Audit logs that meet the specified conditions are displayed on the lower part of the screen.

  4. To check the details of an audit log, click the i icon. Screenshot: The 'i' icon displayed on the left end of the log list

  5. If necessary, configure audit log settings or export audit logs.