The message "Your request failed because database is locked." appears and I cannot update an app

Article Number:040294

When you update the setting for an app, for example, you might receive an error message "Your request failed because database is locked. Wait a while and try again."
If you receive this error message, wait for a while and try to perform the action again. It is also recommended to consider performing your action during the period when the app is less accessed by users, such as nighttime.

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If apps contain a large number of records, fields, and configured permissions, it might take longer to update the apps, which tends to cause errors more often. This may lead to errors not only for the app you are using but also for other apps.
To avoid errors, consider performing the following actions.

  • Update the App Settings while the app is less accessed by users

  • Reduce the number of records in the app
    If there are large number of records in your app, consider splitting the app.

  • Reduce the number of fields in the app
    If you delete a field, all the data registered to the field is deleted. Before deleting fields, be sure to create a backup by exporting existing records to a file.
    Refer to Exporting Data to a File

  • Reduce the number of options set for fields with options (e.g., "Drop-down" fields) in the app
    If you place fields with many options, consider reducing the number of options in the fields.
    Related Information: Instead of using fields with options, you can create a new master app that manages values for options, and then retrieve the value with Lookup fields.
    Configuring a "Lookup" Field

  • Reduce the number of configured permissions
    Consider organizing permissions, or removing unnecessary permissions.

  • Reduce the number of users/departments/groups with configured permissions
    If you have applied the same permissions to multiple users, consider using a group or a department instead.