List of Limits

The following tables describe limit values in Kintone.


Field Maximum Length
  • You can show thumbnails maximum of 10 MB and 50 million pixels per image.
  • The maximum size of a file is 1 GB.


Field Maximum Length Notes
Records Up to 50,000
An app might run slower when it has a larger number of records. The responsiveness in viewing or processing data depends on access permissions, filter conditions, the number of fields, and other usage conditions.
If you want to change the current limit, please Contact us.
View Up to 1,000 per app  
Graph creation Up to 1,000 per app If the number of summarized items or the total number of Level 1 to 3 items exceeds 500, the graph can display leading 500 items.
Pivot Table
  • Up to 1,000 rows displayed on a vertical axis
  • Up to 50 columns displayed on a horizontal axis
Plug-in Up to 20 per app For each plug-in, you can use to set key-value pairs unless the total size of the values exceeds 256 KB.
Size of files for plug-ins JavaScript files, CSS files, icon files: 20 MB
HTML files: 64 KB
Total size of files contained in a plug-in package 100MB  
App Templates Up to 100 apps contained in an app template This limit also includes the number of apps that are associated through Lookup, Related Records, or App Action.
Fields Up to 150 per app
The following fields do not count against the limit of 150.
  • Label
  • Border
  • Space
  • Record number
  • Created by
  • Created datetime
  • Updated by
  • Updated datetime
The number of fields in a table is counted as the number of fields placed in a table plus one.
Example: A table that has three fields counts as four against the limit.

You can change the limit up to 500. If you want to change the limit, please Contact us.
Table Up to 5,000 rows and 100 fields per table  
Field Name Up to 128 full-width or half-width characters  
Field Code Up to 128 full-width or half-width characters For details on unusable symbols and characters, see the "What is a Field Code?" page.
Field Entry Limits See Field Entry Limits.  
Number of record filter conditions No upper limit on the number of records
  • You might be unable to open a record from a record list when 70 or more conditions are specified.
  • If you use a record filter with contains or does not contain condition and more than 100,000 records with specified keywords returned, a warning message appears and the record filtering does not work correctly.
  • The filter fails to return records correctly if it returns over 2 million fields or the total size of records exceeds dozens of megabytes (attachments are not included in the total). If this error happens, reduce the number of fields or records to retrieve.
Excel files to be imported Up to 1 MB with 1,000 rows If you want to import a file that contains more than permitted number of rows, refer to the page for solutions.
CSV, TSV, or TXT files to be imported Up to 100 MB with 100,000 rows  
CSV file to be exported Up to 100 MB If the size of the CSV file to be exported exceeds 100 MB, export fails. Reduce the number of fields or records to be exported at one time.


Field Maximum Length Notes
Concurrent access 100 per domain
A REST API call receives a response with an HTTP status code of 429 when the concurrent access limit is exceeded.
Retention period of an uploaded file An uploaded file is deleted three days after the upload unless the file is attached to a record through Add Record API or Update Record API.  
Proxy API
  • Maximum size of a response header returned from the proxy target: 10 MB with 100 rows
  • Maximum length of a row: 8,192 bytes
Number of API requests allowed in a day 10,000 per app
The number of API requests in the day appears in "App Management" in System Administration.
The number of API requests is reset every day at 9:00 a.m. in Japan Standard Time.
The following API calls do not count against the number of requests:
  • Download files
  • Upload files
  • Get information of spaces
  • Create Spaces
  • Update space bodies
  • Make a post to a thread of a space
  • Get members of a space
  • Update space members
  • Update guest members of guest spaces
  • Add multiple guest users
  • Delete multiple guest users
  • Delete space
  • Get a list of APIs
  • Get API schema information
API to work with app records
  • The maximum number of records you can get at once: 500
  • The maximum number of records you can add, update, or delete at once: 100
  • When you want to add or update records and there is a specified field code does not match any existing field, the field is ignored.
  • When you want to get records and a specified field code does not match any existing field, no record is returned.
  • The following fields are allowed only when getting values with Get Record API. You cannot use Add Record API or Update Record API to add or update the values.
    • Field with a value that was set with a lookup field
    • Category
    • Calculated
    • Status (To update, use Update Status API for records.)
    • Assignee (To update, use Update Assignees API for records.)
API for app record comments The maximum number of comments you can get at once: 10  
API request body size Maximum of 50 MB