Is It Possible to Arrange Apps on the Portal in the Order I Want to Display?

On the Portal, you cannot arrange apps in the order you want to display.

As an alternative way, you can use the "Favorite Apps" feature.
When you select "Favorite Apps" from the drop-down list in the Apps section on the Portal, you can view the apps added to your Favorites.
While "Created Apps" and "All Apps" list apps from the newest to the oldest based on the creation date, "Favorite Apps" list apps from the newest to oldest based on the date when you add apps to your Favorites.
Therefore, by deleting the app from "Favorite Apps" and adding it again, you can make the app display at the top of the "Favorite Apps" list.

Each user will have their own Favorites Apps list (Administrators cannot apply the same Favorites Apps list to all users). For details, refer to the following page.
Adding Apps to Favorites

If you want to allow multiple users to easily access frequently used apps, you can paste such apps in the "Announcement" section of the portal/space, or you can insert URLs of such apps as links.
How to Use Announcement
Attaching Apps to Spaces or Threads