Can I Set Access Permissions for Categories?

You cannot set access permissions for categories.

Apart from using categories, you can use drop-down fields to categorize records. You can set access permissions for drop-down fields.

Described below are the steps to use a drop-down field to categorize records and set access permissions for that field.

Adding a Drop-down Field

First of all, you need to add a drop-down field which you use instead of categories.

  1. Open the app setting screen and select "Form" tab.
  2. Add a drop-down field by dragging and dropping it.
  3. Click the setting button on the upper right of the drop-down field that you created.
  4. Set the field and click Save.
    Field Name: Category
    Options: A, B, C (From top to bottom)
  5. Click "Save Form" on the upper left of the screen.

Setting Access Permissions for the Drop-down Field

Set access permissions for the added drop-down field.

  1. Open the app settings screen and click Settings.

  2. Click "Field" under "Permissions".

  3. Click Add, set conditions and permissions, and then save the settings.
    Select "Category" for the "Target Field", and set access permissions as shown below.

    John Jones [✔] View [✔] Edit
    Everyone [✔] View [  ] Edit
    In this setting example, John Jones can view/edit the Category field. Other users can view the field but cannot edit it.
  4. Click "Update App" on the upper right of the screen, and then click "OK".