Creating an App from the Marketplace

Kintone Marketplace offers apps that can be used for different businesses. You can choose and add desired apps to Kintone.

  1. In the top page of Kintone, click the icon to the right of Apps Create App.
  2. From the "Featured Apps" area or from the left panel, select your desired app and click the app name.
    The app details screen appears to display the description and screenshots of the app.
    If you want to skip the details screen to add an app, on the Kintone Marketplace screen, click "Add This App" or "Add This App Pack" and then click "Add".
    Adding an app pack results in adding multiple apps in the pack at once.
  3. On the app details screen, click Add This App or Add This App Pack.
    The app details screen displays the "With sample data" check box when sample data or pre-built records are available.
    Clear the "With sample data" check box if you do not want the sample data.
  4. Click "New".
    Screen: Do you want to add this app

Now the app is added.