Adding a Sample App

Article Number:040622

Kintone offers sample apps that can be used for various businesses.
A sample app works as a template for creating an app. You can use it with or without changing its designs and settings.

This article describes the steps to add a sample app from Marketplace.

  1. On Portal (the top page of Kintone), click the Create App icon at the right of the Apps section.
    Marketplace is displayed. Image of add button on the Portal

  2. In Marketplace, select an app that suits your needs from the left panel or the Featured Apps section, and click the app name to see the details.
    If you want to add an app without viewing the app details, click Add This App or Add This App Pack displayed under the app name. The Kintone Marketplace screen

  3. On the app details screen, click Add This App or Add This App Pack.
    The app details screen displays the With sample data check box when sample data or pre-built records are available.
    Uncheck the With sample data check box if you do not need the sample data. Add This App button

  4. Click New.
    Screen: Do you want to add this app?

The app is successfully added. Add button on Add This App dialog

You can also add data (records) and change app settings. For details, refer to the following pages:
Adding/Deleting Records
App Settings

The sample app you added can be deleted from App Settings.
Deleting an App