Configuring App Actions

Described below are the steps to set an app action, and copy record data to a specified app.

Image of the completed action Image of the completed action

How to Configure an App Action

In this example, you create an action to copy customer information from a customer list app to an order management app.

  1. Open the customer list app.

  2. Click the app setting button Setting button on the upper right of the record view, select "App Settings" tab > "Advanced Settings", and then select Actions.

  3. Click New on the upper left side of the action setting screen. Create an action

  4. Configure the action. Set an action

    • Action Name
      This action name becomes the name of the action to be displayed on the record details screen.
      In this example, set the action name to "Add to Order Management App".

    • Target
      Select the destination app where data is to be copied.
      In this example, select the order management app.

    • Field Mappings
      Specify the combination of source and destination app fields to be copied.
      Fields in a table are displayed in the "Table name > Field name" format.
      In this example, map the "Company Name" field with the "Division", "Contact Name", and "E-mail Address" fields in the table. Configure the action

    • Available To:
      Select a user, department, or group to be using the action.
      In this example, select Everyone (All users) in the Group tab. Select a department

  5. Click "Save".

  6. Click App Settings in the breadcrumbs to return to the app setting page.
    Return to App Settings

  7. Click "Update App". Update the app

The action has been successfully created and configured.
The created action, "Add to Order Management App", is displayed in the record details screen.
Image of the completed action

If you have set Process Management, Process Management action is also displayed.

Using the App Action

Use the created action to copy data from the customer list app to the order management app.

In the record details screen of the customer list app, click "Add to Order Management App" that you created.
In the order management app, the add records screen opens with the contents of the specified field copied. Update the app

Changing the Display Order of Actions

Displaying multiple actions On the record details screen, actions are displayed according to the display order (from top to bottom) set in the action setting screen.
To change the display order of actions, open the app action setting screen, and drag the arrow button that is in the far left of the action row.
Reordering actions

After changing the display order, click Back to App Settings (displayed on the upper side of the screen) or App Settings (in the breadcrumbs).
Back to App Settings

Click "Update App" on the upper right side of the screen.
The new display order of actions is not reflected in the record details screen until you update the app.