Configuring App Actions

Article Number:040487

By configuring app actions, you can copy record data to apps that you specify.
The following sections explain how to configure and use an app action.

This is the action we will create: Example of a created action

Steps to Configure an App Action

In this example, we will configure an action to copy customer information from a customer list app to an order management app.

  1. Open the customer list app.

  2. Click the App Settings icon (the gear-shaped icon at the upper right of the "View" screen), select the App Settings tab, and then select Actions under Advanced Settings.
    Screenshot: The "App Settings" icon is outlined in red

  3. Click Create Action at the upper left of the "Actions" settings screen.

  4. In the Name input field, enter the action button name to be displayed on the "Record Details" screen.
    In this example, we will set the name to "Add to Order Management App".
    Action Settings

  5. In the Target input field, select the app you want to copy data to.
    In this example, we will select the order management app. Select Departments

  6. For Field Mappings, specify the source field and the destination field for copying data.
    Fields placed in a table are displayed in the following format: "Table name > Field name"
    Action Settings You can also click Clear All to delete all of the mappings you have already configured.

  7. Configuring the Available To setting lets you limit the users for whom the created action button will be displayed.
    If necessary, delete the predefined setting (Everyone) and add the users, departments, or groups for whom you want the action to be available. Select Departments

  8. Click Save at the bottom right of the screen.

  9. Click App Settings in the message displayed at the top of the screen, or click Back to App Settings displayed at the bottom left of the screen. Back to App Settings

  10. Click Update App at the upper right of the screen.

  11. On the confirmation dialog, click Update App.

The action has been successfully created and configured.
The created action button "Add to Order Management App" is displayed on the "Record Details" screen.
Image of the created action

If Process Management settings are configured, the action button is displayed next to the process management action button.

Using an App Action

Now that you've created an action following the steps above, you can try using it to copy data from the customer list app to the order management app.

On the "Record Details" screen of the customer list app, click the action button that you created (Add to Order Management App).
After you do so, the "New Record" screen of the order management app will open, and the destination fields will be filled in with the content copied from the source fields. Update App