Registering Data in an App

Article Number:040134

Apps in Kintone manage data in unit called a "record". In the "Employee Information" app, for example, we create and manage each employee’s information as a record.

This topic describes the basic steps to add records (data). Let's start adding a record by performing the following steps and you will get to know how to use your app.

In the following example, we will add employee information in the Employee Information app created in the Creating an App.

  1. On the home screen of Kintone, click Employee Information in the Apps section.

  2. Click the Add Record icon (the plus sign-shaped icon at the upper right of the screen).

  3. Enter employee information and click Save.

The record is now successfully added. Repeat the above steps to add more records.

To show a list of the employee information in the app:
By clicking the app name in the breadcrumb or on the upper left side of the screen, you will be navigated the screen in step 2, where shows a list of records (employee information) in the app.
To check the details of each employee information in the View:
On the "View" screen, click the Show Record Details icon at the far left of any record to view its details.
To edit information on a specific employee in the app:
Display the details of the record you want to edit, then click the Edit Record icon.
Opening the "Edit Record" screen

Next, we will post a comment on a record by following the steps described in Posting Comments to Members in an App.