Is It Possible to Search Data Using Partially Matched Keyword When Retrieving Data by Lookup?

If you enter a part of the "Key Field" value of the Datasource App, and then click Lookup, search results of the Datasource App are displayed.

Described below are the example steps to set Lookup in the "Lead Management" app, and retrieve customer information from the "Customer Database" app.
In these steps, it is assumed that the following values are specified in the Lookup field of the "Lead Management" app.

  • Datasource App: "Customer Database" app
  • Key Field (field that acts as a key for creating linkage): "Company Name" field

In the "Lead Management" app, enter a part of the customer name in the Lookup field ("Company Name" in this example), and then click Lookup.

From the "Customer Database" app, customers whose names contain the search keyword are listed.

If you select a customer whose data you need to retrieve, information on the selected customer is entered in the "Lead Management" app.