Article Number:040517

"Calculated" field "Calculated" fields allow you to set a formula and display the result of the calculation.
Using operators and functions in your formula, you can sum up values of other fields, display different values based on conditions, and so on.
For details, refer to the articles in the Setting Formulas category.

How to Set Formulas

For details on how to set formulas, refer to the following page.

Usage Examples

Described below are usage examples.

  • Four arithmetic operation: In a lead management app, you can multiply the unit price by the number of users to calculate the subtotal.
    Formula to calculate the subtotal: Unit_Price*Number_of_Users Screenshot: The subtotal is calculated

  • Calculation using a function: In a quote app or a transportation reimbursement app, you can sum up subtotals to calculate the total amount.
    Formula to calculate the subtotal: Unit_Price*Quantity
    Formula to calculate the total amount: SUM(Subtotal)
    Screenshot: The total amount is calculated

  • Calculating working hours: In a timesheet app, you can subtract the start time and the break time from the finish time to calculate working hours.
    Formula to calculate working hours: Finish-Start-Break*60 Screenshot: Working hours are calculated

For other examples, refer to the articles in the Setting Formulas category.

"Calculated" Field Settings

"Calculated" field

  • Name
    • Specify the label for the field.
  • Hide field name
    • Hide the field name on the "New Record," "Edit Record," "Record Details," and record printing screens.
  • Formula
    • Set a formula using field codes of the fields whose data you want to perform calculation on.
      If a field code is changed in the field setting, the change is automatically applied also to the field codes used in formulas that are already set.
      Reference: Setting Formulas
  • Hide formula
    • Selecting this option to hides the formula on the "Add Record" and "Edit Record" screens.
  • Display format
    • Select the display format of the calculation result.
  • Number of Decimal Places to Display
    • Specifying a number here fixes the number of digits after the decimal point.
      The decimal part that exceeds the specified number of digits is truncated.
      Example: when '2' is specified as the number of decimal places
      Actual value Displayed value
      1 1.00
      1.007 1.00
  • Unit of measure
    • You can specify a unit symbol to be prefixed or suffixed to the field (e.g., "$" or "yard").
      The specified unit symbol is displayed not only on the app form but also on the "View" screen and the History tab.
  • Field Code
    • A string used for specifying this field in formulas or APIs.
      Although a default field code is set, you can change it to any string.