Calculated field You can set a formula in the Calculated field. Calculation is done using other field values that are specified in the formula, and the result is automatically displayed in this field.
In a formula, you can also use operators and functions to sum up other field values, or change the result depending of the conditions specified. When setting a formula, use the field codes of the fields to refer to.
For details, see the "Setting Formulas" page.

Usage Examples

You can use Calculated fields for various apps such as Project Management apps multiplying unit prices and quantities to make amounts, as well as Quote apps and Transportation expense reimbursement apps adding amounts in all the lines to make totals.

Project Management app example Quote app example

Setting Options for Calculated Fields

Calculated field
  • Field Name
    Specifies the header for the entry item.
  • Hide field name
    Hides the field names on the screen to set forms and the screens to add, edit, enter details of, and print records.
  • Formula
    Specify a formula.
  • Hide formula
    Hides the formula in the Add records and Edit records screens.
  • Show As
    Selects the display format of the calculated result.
  • Number of Decimal Places
    Sets a specified number of digits after the decimal point to be displayed.
    The decimal part that exceeds the specified number of digits will be rounded down.
    Example of when "2" is set for the number of digits to be displayed
    Actual value Displayed Value
    1 1.00
    1.007 1.00
  • Currency
    Specifies a unit symbol to be prefixed or suffixed to the field, such as "¥" or "meter".
    Unit symbols are displayed on the form, and also on the "Record List" screen and in the history.
  • Field Code
    It is used in formulas.
    If the field code is not specified, the system automatically sets the field code.
    What Is Field Code?