Guest Management (Inviting Guests)

Article Number:040649

Guest space administrators can send guests invitation e-mail to invite them to a specific guest space. They can check whether the invited guests have registered to Kintone. They can also delete some of the invited guests later.

Steps to Invite Guests

  1. Click the Options button ・・・ in the guest space to invite guests, and click Manage Guests. Image

  2. Click Invite Guests. Image

  3. Specify each item.

    • Recipient
      Enter the guest e-mail addresses. You can enter multiple e-mail addresses.
    • Message
      Enter the body text of the message in the invitation e-mail.
  4. Click "Send".
    The invitation e-mail is sent to the specified guests.
    The invitation e-mail expires in a week. If it expires, send the invitation e-mail again.

Checking the Registration Status of Invited Guests

In the Guests tab of the Space Settings dialog, you can check the status as to whether the invited guests have registered to Kintone or not.
There are four statuses to be displayed for each guest.

  • Invited: The invitation email has been sent to a guest
  • Invitation expired: Seven days passed after sending an invitation e-mail and the invited guest have not joined the space
  • Active: The invited guest currently joins the space
  • Inactive: The invited guest joined the space, but currently being suspended in Kintone Administration screen

To cancel the invitation, click the delete button x and then click Delete. Image

Removing a Guest From a Guest Space

To remove a guest from the guest space, click the delete button x in the Guests tab of the Space Settings dialog, and then click Delete.
By following the above step, you cannot delete the guest completely from Kintone. If you want to delete the guest completely, you need to delete the guest from "Guest Management" in Kintone Administration.