Personal Settings

Article Number:040713

Individual users can configure the Time Format and E-mail Notifications settings in their Personal Settings.
The settings you saved in your Personal Settings are applied only to you.
Personal Settings screen

To open your Personal Settings, click the Settings button Settings button at the upper right of the screen in Kintone and click Personal Settings. Open Personal Settings

You can go back to the previous screen by clicking Back. Go back to the previous screen from Personal Settings

The following sections describe the details of the Time Format and E-mail Notifications settings.

The Time Format setting

Switch the time display in Kintone between 12-hour clock and 24-hour clock.
By default, 12-hour clock format is used.

Time Format

To change the time format, select 12-hour clock or 24-hour clock from the drop-down, and then click Save.
If you change the time format, comment posting time and so on will be displayed in the specified format.

  • 24-hour clock
    Example of the screen showing 24-hour clock option

  • 12-hour clock Example of the screen showing 12-hour clock option

The E-mail Notifications setting

You can select whether to receive e-mail notifications, what kind of e-mail notifications to receive, and the format of e-mail notifications.
Configurable options for E-mail Notifications

By default, the same options as those selected for Default value for the receiving setting and E-mail Notification Format in the E-mail Notifications setting in Kintone Administration are selected.
If you want to change the E-mail Notifications setting, change the configurable options and then click Save.

The following shows the details of configurable options for E-mail Notifications.

"Receive" and "Do not receive"

Specify whether to receive notifications you get in Kintone via e-mails.
If you select Receive, you need to specify the following as well.

"Notifications to Be Notified by E-mail"

Specify whether to receive "To Me" notifications only or "All" notifications.

  • If you select Only "To Me":
    You will receive e-mail notifications for the notifications sent when you are specified as a recipient.

  • If you select All notifications:
    You will receive all notifications including "To Me" notifications via e-mail.
    Note that this may result in a large number of e-mails being sent to you.

Differences between "To Me" and "All" notifications are described in the following page:
Differences between "To Me" and "All" Notifications
For details on receiving e-mail notifications, see the "Receive the e-mail notification" column on the following page:
When and to Whom Notifications Are Sent

"E-mail Notification Format"

You can specify whether to receive e-mail notifications in HTML format or text format.

  • Example of an HTML e-mail notification:
    Example of an e-mail in HTML format
  • Example of an e-mail notification in Text format:
    Example of an e-mail notification in Text format