An error message is displayed and I cannot restore an app

Article Number:040259

If you encounter an error message while you are trying to restore apps, please refer to the following to find a solution.

Error message Cause and solution
Cannot restore the specified app (id: ***). The app is not eligible for restoration, or 14 days or more have elapsed after the time of deletion. You may have specified the App ID like the following.
  • App ID that was not deleted
  • App ID that never exists
  • App ID that you started creating but deleted before its activation
  • App ID that was deleted more than 14 days ago
Confirm that the App ID is correct.
Specified app (id: ***) cannot be restored because the number of apps exceeds the license limit. The number of apps after the restoration exceeds the available license limit.
Delete unused apps, and perform the restoration.
The number of apps you can use varies depending on your license plan.
Cannot restore the app "***" (id: ***) because the space (id: ***) has been deleted to which the app belonged. Restore the space first where the app belonged. You are trying to restore an app that was placed in a space that has been deleted.
Restore the space first, and restore the app.
If you restore the space, apps that were placed in the space when the space was deleted are also restored.