Multi-choice field This is a field for selecting multiple choices in a selection list. Selections in the Multi-choice field are always shown vertically, and displayed with a scrollbar if many selections exist.
To show all the selections or selections in horizontal order, use Check box fields.
Use Radio button fields or Drop-down fields if you make users to select one from multiple selections.

Usage Examples

The Multi-choice field is useful for various apps to let users choose more than one of the selections, such as customer management app for entering customer attributes or sales task management app for entering activities.

Customer management app in a beauty salon

Setting Options

Multi-choice field
  • Field Name
    Specifies the header for the entry item.
  • Hide field name
    Hides the field names on the screen to set forms and the screens to add, edit, enter details of, and print records.
  • Required field
    Sets a field where a value is required to be entered.
  • Options
    Configures options.
    The maximum number of characters for the option is 128 characters.
    And a maximum of 1,000 options can be configured.
    Drag and drop the arrow icon to change the order of options.
    If you choose the check box format, all options within will be displayed in a state of having selected by default.
  • Field Code
    A text string to identify the field. The field code is used in API requests. A value is assigned by the system automatically, but you can change it to any value. For details, see What Is a Field Code?