Filtering Records to Display in the View

Article Number:040458

On the "View" screen of an app, you can filter records by specifying conditions.
Using conditions, you can filter records and create various types of record lists tailored to your needs; for example, you can create a list of customers you are assigned to, projects of the month, undone tasks, and more.
You can also save your filter conditions as a view. You can easily switch the saved views with a click. View


This section describes the steps to filter records.

  1. On the "View" screen, click the filter button Funnel. The "View" screen

  2. Specify conditions (fields) for filtering records.
    Click the down arrow button Down arrow button. From the fields displayed, select a field for which you want to specify a condition. You can also search for a field by directly entering the field name.
    By clicking Clear All, you can clear all the already added conditions.
    Selecting a field

  3. In the Sort by section, specify the display order of records.
    For details on the fields displayed as the options in the Sort by section, refer to the following page:
    Which fields and items can be used for "Sort by"? Sort By

  4. Click Save or Apply.

  5. If you have clicked Save in Step 4, name your view and then save. After that, your view is displayed.
    If you have clicked Apply in Step 4, your view is displayed.

Notes on using "contains" or "does not contain"

  • For available keywords, see the "Precautions on Entering Search Keywords" on the following page:
    Precautions on Entering Search Keywords
  • For the formats of the files subject to filtering when you filter records by specifying keywords for the files in the "Attachment" field, refer to the following page:
    Searchable File Formats
  • You need to specify a keyword that returns less than 100,000 records in the search results. If your search result contains more than 100,000 records, a warning message appears and records are not filtered correctly.
    If you specify multiple keywords, and as a result, the total number of records that include any of the keywords exceeds 100,000, records are not filtered correctly.

The difference in filtered results when a department is specified as a filter condition for field values

When you select any of the following fields and specify a department as a filter condition, filtered records may vary depending on the field you select.

  • Field whose value is a user (Created by, Updated by, Assignee, or User selection):
    Any records whose value is a user that belong to a specified department or its affiliated department is filtered.
  • Field whose value is a department (Department selection):
    Any records whose value is a specified department or its affiliated department is filtered.

If a message "The processing has failed. Please reduce the number of records to be updated or to be referred." appears

If any of the following conditions is true, the retrieval of record information fails. If this happens, reduce the number of records or fields to be retrieved.

  • When the number of fields to be retrieved exceeds two million.
  • If the total size of records adds up to several tens of megabytes
    Attachments are not to be included in the calculated data size.