Deleting an App Group

The administrators of app groups can delete app groups they created.


  1. Open the Kintone Administration screen.
    Opening the Kintone Administration Screen

  2. Click App Groups under "Permissions".

  3. Click the Trash Trash for the app group you want to delete.

  4. When the confirmation dialog opens, click Delete.

If You Get an Error When Trying to Delete an App Group

If you encounter an error message while you are trying to delete app groups, please refer to the following to find a solution.

Error Message Cause and Solution
The app, which was deleted and can be restored, belongs to the app group that you are going to delete. To enable you to restore permissions properly when restoring an app, the deletion of the "created app group" containing the deleted app is not allowed.
Restore the deleted app first, and then change app group settings. Or, you will be able to delete app groups 14 days after deleting the app when it becomes unrecoverable.
Only Kintone Users & System administrators (those who create users/departments, and configure security settings) can restore the app.