Is it possible to add/edit records while exporting/importing a file?

Article Number:040176

Operations you can carry out during the processing to export data to a file are different from the operations you can carry out during the processing to import a file.
The following explains what kind of record operations you can perform in each case.

During the Processing to Export Data to a File

You can add or edit records while you are exporting data to a file.
Note that the exported file will contain the data at the time when the processing to export data is started.

During the Processing to Import Data from a File

The following operations are restricted while you are importing data from a file:

  • Adding records
  • Editing a record
  • Deleting records
  • Importing a file
  • Exporting a file
  • Updating an app
  • Deleting an app

Therefore, if you add or edit records to the app and click Save while a file is being imported to the app, the operation to save the changes may be timed out.

If you want to import a file with a large number of records, you may want to consider importing it in the following ways:

  • Import the file during the period when the app is less accessed by users.
  • Divide the file into several files so that you can import a file of smaller size.