Sending Notifications to the Users Specified for Each Record

By specifying the "User selection" field as a recipient of "General Notifications", you can send notifications to the users specified for each record.

The steps are as follows.

STEP 1: Configuring the "User Selection" Field

  1. Place a "User selection" field in a form, and click Settings from the setting button Setting button. Picture

  2. Set a name for the field.
    In this example, "Notification" is used as a field name.
    Picture If you want to define a default user name to display, specify it in the "Default Value".

  3. Click "Save".

  4. Click Save Form.

Go to the next step to configure "General Notifications".

STEP 2: Configuring "General Notifications"

  1. Click "App Settings" tab, and click "General Notifications" under "Notifications". Picture

  2. From the "Add a field for selection" drop-down list, select the "User selection" field you configured in STEP 1.
    In this example, "Notification" is selected. Picture

  3. Select one or more conditions that you want the notifications to be sent. Picture

  4. Click "Save".

  5. Click "Update App".

Everything is now configured.
By specifying the Notification field in the record, the notifications will be sent to the specified users based on the conditions defined in "General Notifications". Picture