Date and time

Article Number:040522

Date and time field You can place a Date and time field and use that field to enter a date (year-month-day) and a time (hour-minute).

Similar Fields

You can use a Date field to enter a date and a Time field to enter a time.
Only date can be entered in the Date field, and only time can be entered in the Time field.

Usage Examples

The Date and time field is suitable for maintaining both date and time values in apps such as inquiry management apps.
Click the date field to display a calendar. You can change the month or the year by using a drop-down list.
If you click the field to enter a time, a drop-down list appears displaying time options in increments of 30 minutes.
You can enter any date value or time value using a keyboard.

The time display format can be either a 12-hour clock or a 24-hour clock display, which can be configured in the Personal Settings.
Refer to the "I would like to switch the time format between 12 hour format and 24 hour format" page. Input screen in Calendar After entering date and time from calendar

Setting Options for the "Date and Time" Field

Date and time field screen

  • Field Name
    • Specify the label for the field.
  • Hide field name
    • Hide the field name on the screens to add, edit, enter details of, and print a record.
  • Required field
    • Mandate users to enter a value in the field.
  • Prohibit duplicate values
    • Prevents users from entering the same date and time for multiple records in the app.
  • Default Value
    • Set a value that will appear in the entry field by default. Select "Default to the record creation date and time" if you want to display the date and time when the record was created as the default value. Deselecting the check box will enable you to set a desired date and time as the default value. If you want to leave the default value empty, deselect the check box, and leave the field blank without specifying the date and time.
  • Field Code
    • A string used for specifying this field in a formula or an API.