Is It Possible to Display a Table in a View?

You cannot keep fields of a table displayed in the record view. However, by using the "Show" link, you can view the contents of the table.

If you click "Show", the contents of the table are displayed.
If you click "Close", or click "Show" for any other table, the displayed contents are hidden.
* You cannot display table contents of multiple records at the same time.

In order to display a table in the record view, following setting should be configured.

Displaying a Table in a View

  1. Click the setting icon Setting icon on the upper right side of the record view. Image

  2. In the "View" tab, click the add icon Image.
    If you want to add a table to an existing view, click "Edit" for that view. Image

  3. Add a table to the view and save it.
    In this example "Incoming and Outgoing History" table is added. Image