Is it possible to display a table in a view?

Article Number:040205

You cannot keep fields of a table displayed on the "View" screen. However, you can display the content of the table from the Show link.

Clicking Show displays the content of the table.
If you click Hide for the record or Show for a different record, the displayed content is hidden.
Note: You cannot display the content of the table of multiple records at once.

To display a table on the "View" screen, you need to configure the following settings.

Displaying a Table in a View

  1. Click the App Settings icon (the gear-shaped icon at the upper right of the "View" screen). Image

  2. Open the Views tab and click the Add new view icon (the plus sign-shaped icon at the right of the screen).
    If you want to add a table to an existing view, click Edit for that view. Image

  3. Add a table to the view and save.
    In this example, the "History" table is added. Image