What Is "Related Apps & Spaces"?

Article Number:040708

In the "Related Apps & Spaces" section of a space, you can add links to apps or spaces that are related to that space. Adding links in the "Related Apps & Spaces" section enables space users to access linked apps and spaces more quickly. The "Related Apps & Spaces" section is not available in guest spaces.
Image of a link added in the Related Apps & Spaces section of a space

The following are the steps to add links to the "Related Apps & Spaces" section in a space.

  1. Open a space portal and perform one of the following actions.

    • Click the Add related app & space icon (the plus sign-shaped icon in the Related Apps & Spaces section at the bottom left of the screen).
    • Click the Options icon at the upper right of the screen, then click Manage Related Apps & Spaces

    The "Manage Related Apps & Spaces" screen opens.

  2. Search and select the apps or spaces you want to add to the "Related Apps & Spaces" section.
    You can specify what you want to search for by switching between Apps and Spaces using the drop-down list. Manage Related Apps & Spaces screen

  3. Click Save.

Your link is successfully added to the "Related Apps & Spaces" section.

If you want to delete the link, open the "Manage Related Apps & Spaces" screen as you did in step 1.
Next, click the Delete icon at the right of the link that you want to delete. When you click Save, the link is deleted from the "Related Apps & Spaces" section.