Creating an App from Scratch

You can create an app from scratch.
Here, with a Daily Report app as an example, you will learn about the app setting flow and the basic operations.

Image of the created app Image of the created app

Creating an App

  1. On the Portal in Kintone, click add button Create App in the "Apps" section. Click add button on the Portal

  2. Click "Create App from Scratch". Click Create App from Scratch You see a form setting screen for your new app. Screen to create a new app

  3. Enter the app name. Type "Daily Report" for the app name in the field. You can rename the app from the app settings page later.
    Enter app name Click an app icon to change its icon. Or change the icon after you complete the app. Changing the icon

  4. Click a field from the field list on the left and drag and drop it into the frame at the right side of the screen.
    Use the "Date", "Created by", and "Text Area" fields.
    You can expand their widths and heights.

    Picture Picture Picture Placing a field

  5. Duplicate the Text Area field to make it to two.
    Hover the mouse cursor over the upper right side of the field. When the Gear icon Gear icon appears, click Duplicate. Duplicating a field

  6. Change the name for each field.
    Hover the mouse cursor over the upper right side of the Text Area field you placed. When Gear icon Gear icon appears, click Settings. Opening the field settings Type "What your've done today" in "Field Name" and click Save.
    Changing the field name Repeat the same steps for the rest of the fields and change the names respectively: Change the field names to "What to do tomorrow" and "Your Thoughts/What you've learned" for this Daily Report app. Changing the field name

  7. Click "Save Form" on the upper left side of the screen to save the form.
    When you click Activate App on the upper right, the app will be activated on your environment.

Changing App Settings

You can change the app settings at any time.

  1. To change the App Settings, click the setting button Setting button on the upper right side of the View. Opening App Settings Page

  2. Change the display order of the view on app settings page.
    You can move fields after placing them.
    Hover the mouse cursor over the field to move and drag and drop it to a new place. Duplicating a field Lined up fields can be moved up or down together.  Duplicating a field

  3. To change the app settings, click Update App on the upper right.