& Operator: Concatenating Strings

You can concatenate multiple strings using the & operator.
When concatenating strings, you must use half-width '&' operator. You cannot use '+' operator for this purpose.


This section describes the way to concatenate the Surname and the Given Name fields, by using an example of a company directory app.

Image of the completed app: Example of string concatenation

  1. Open the app settings page.
    Opening App Settings Page

  2. In the screen to set forms, select the Text field in the parts list, and place two Text fields in the form

  3. For the first field, specify "Surname" as the field name and the field code. For the second field, specify "Given Name" as the field name and "Given_Name" as the field code.

  4. Place the Text field to be used to display the result, and change the field name and the field code to "Name".

  5. Open the screen to set the "Name" field, select Calculate automatically, and then enter "Surname&" "&Given_Name".
    You must use half-width '&' to concatenate strings. When adding a character or a space, use half-width double quotation marks (" ").

  6. Click Save on the field settings screen.

  7. Click Save Form on the upper left side of the screen, and then click Update App on the upper right side of the screen.

Now, you can concatenate strings.

Enter values in the Surname field and the Given Name field, to check that the result is displayed in the Name field.

TIPS: Empty Fields

Empty fields are concatenated as null strings.
For example, if you set a formula "State/Province&City&Block_number&Building&" "&Floor" in the Address field, even when the Floor is empty, other strings are concatenated.