Is It Possible to Specify To/CC as Recipients of E-mail Notifications?

For E-mail notifications of Kintone, you cannot specify "To" or "CC" as recipients.
"Bcc" addresses are used to send e-mails to recipients of e-mail notifications.

Depending on the e-mail server used, e-mails might be filtered out if the "To" section is empty.
Consider taking one of the following actions:

  • Change the setting on the e-mail server, and receive e-mail notifications from Kintone.
    Ask your provider for information on the e-mail server settings.

  • Check notifications displayed on the Portal screen of Kintone, instead of checking e-mail notifications.
    Refer to Checking Notifications.

  • Use push notification feature on your mobile app to check "To Me" notifications.
    Only "To Me" notifications are pushed. Check other notifications by logging in to your mobile app.
    If you do not receive push notifications, refer to the following page.
    Cannot Receive Push Notifications in My Mobile App