What is Kintone?

Article Number:040145

Kintone is a cloud service that allows you to easily create systems for your own business even if you do not have any knowledge of system development. You can use it to intuitively create business apps, and share them within your team. It also comes with a set of features that allows you to set up an internal SNS, thereby enhancing engagement among employees.

This page describes the major features of Kintone.


App is a feature for creating business apps to help you manage your data and business processes. You can manage sales data, customer information, customer inquiry history, To-Dos, reports, document files, and other various types of data. You can also flexibly establish business processes that are associated with those data.

Manage business processes by App

Creating apps are easy, without your having to go through any programming.
You can create apps from scratch or choose ones from "Kintone Marketplace", where plenty of useful apps are available, and add them to your own system.


Space is a feature used to communicate with each team. You can create a space for a set of attendees you chose, and discuss topics and share information within. Space feature

Once you are in a space, you can create apps that can be linked to that space. And with them, you can manage information, documents, or To-Dos you need in interacting between team members in the space.

Using Spaces to Communicate with External Members

With the Space feature, you can create not only spaces that accept only Kintone users but also "guest spaces" where non-Kintone users can join as guests.
Guest spaces can be used when having to communicate with those in other companies for collaborative projects.


People is a feature that is used to directly contact or share ideas with one another on Kintone.
You can use the People feature to do the following:

  • Check the user's basic profile and contact details.
  • Send messages to other users. Any messages exchanged between the sender and recipient are kept private.
  • You can provide information and suggest your ideas to users who are following you.

People feature