Attaching Apps to the Announcement Section or Threads of a Space

Article Number:040702

You can attach the content of an app, such as its views and charts, to the Announcement section of spaces (space dashboards) and the body of threads.
Example: A chart is attached to the Announcement section of a space

  1. Open the space or thread to which you want to attach the content of an app.

  2. Click the Edit Body Text icon at the upper right of the Announcement section to open the screen for editing text.
    Edit icon

  3. Click Attach App. The Attach App button

  4. Select an app whose content you want to attach.

  5. To attach a record list view of the app, select a view to be attached from View.
    To attach a chart, select a chart to be attached from Graph.

    • Calendar views cannot be attached. When you select a calendar view, the view is displayed in the list format.
    • Custom views cannot be attached.
  6. Click OK.

A record list or chart of the app is displayed in the Announcement section of the space (space dashboard) or a thread body.
Note that the content of the attached app is not displayed for users without the view permission for the app.