Adding Departments

By adding departments to Kintone, you can configure various settings or perform actions by department. For example, there are use cases as follows.

  • Allow only Human Resources department to view the Employee Information app (Permissions feature)
  • Configure an approval workflow in the Equipment Purchase Request app to get an approval from the GA department on Kintone (Process Management feature)
  • Send a mention to all members of the Sales department on Kintone

Adding departments is optional.
It is recommended to add a department first and then add users because you can add users and make them belong to the department in one action. Of course, you can also add users first and then add departments later.
For more information on how to add users, refer to Adding Users.

  1. Click the setting icon Gear icon on the upper right of the screen in Kintone, and click Kintone Users & System Administration.
    Picture Kintone Users & System Administration is displayed.

  2. Click Departments & Users under "User Administration". Image of <b>Departments &amp; Users</b> enclosed with red line

  3. Click New Department, which appears at the top and inside of the "Departments" box. Image of action buttons to add a department enclosed with red line

  4. Enter each item.

    Field Name Description
    • Display Name (Required):
      Type a department name (division name or section name).

    • Localized Name:
      Type a department name in other languages if you want to change the name depending on each user’s language setting.
      For example, you can display "営業部" for users who use Japanese or "Sales.Dev" for users who use English.
    department code Type a string that identifies the department.
    Make sure you type the string which has not already been used for other departments. If you leave the field empty, an automatically generated string is configured.
    Parent Department If you want to create a department hierarchy, select a parent department from the list of departments that are already added.
    Description If necessary, enter a description of the department or its members.
    What you type in this field will be visible only in Kintone Users & System Administration. You cannot view it on any screen in Kintone.
  5. Click "Save".

Now that you have added departments, let's add users next. Refer to Adding Users.