Creating Apps in Spaces

Article Number:040694

You can create an app that is associated with a space.
Creating an app in a space allows you to access the app from places such as the "Apps" section on the space portal. For details on how the app is displayed on the space portal, refer to What Is an In-Space App?

Apps created in a space belong to the "Public" app group. You cannot change their app group to a different app group.
In addition, if you create an app in a private space, the app is only accessible to the members of the space.

It is also possible to change which space an app belongs to after creating the app in a space or move an app that does not belong to any space to a space. For details on the conditions for changing which space an app belongs to and points you should note, refer to Changing Which Space an App Belongs to.

The following are the steps to create an app in a space.

  1. Open the space where you want to create an app.

  2. Click the Options icon on the right side of the space screen, then click Create App. Screenshot: The right side of the space screen If the space has multiple threads, you can also create an app by clicking the Create In-space App icon on the space portal screen. Screenshot: The "Create App" button on a space with multiple threads

  3. Create an app.
    The steps are the same as those for creating an app on Portal. For details, refer to Various Ways to Create Apps.