Increasing Disk Capacity

The Kintone Users & System Administrator performs the process of purchasing additional storage.

  1. Click the setting icon gear shaped administration menu icon under the header.

  2. Click Kintone Users & System Administration.
    Image that shows how the administration screen is displayed

  3. Display the "Service Usage" screen and click Subscription Details.
    Subscription details are displayed.
    Image of Subscription Details

  4. Click on MANAGE LICENSE in "Storage" from the "Options" section.
    Image that shows Options

  5. Select the method of purchasing the disk capacity, then specify the quantity.
    The following number is displayed in Current Usage.

    • **a: This is the disk usage. **
    • **b: Total value of "Free Storage + Purchased Strage". **

      You must specify that the total of Free Storage and additionally purchased storage is greater than current usage (value of a).
      Order screen for additional Storage
  6. Confirm your entries, then click NEXT at the bottom right of the screen.

  7. Confirm that the contract information shown on the screen is correct, then click SUBMIT.
    Image of SUBMIT
    When the updated subscription details screen appears, the procedure has been completed.

  8. Close the page displaying the subscription details.