The Difference Between "To Me" Notifications and Other Notifications

"To Me" notifications are notifications where you are specified as the recipient. The number of "To Me" notifications that a user has received is displayed on the notification icon that is located on the top of the screen.

Screen to show the number of notifications received

"To Me" notifications include the following:

  • Notifications generated when a comment which specifies you or your group as the recipient is posted on an app, a space, or People.
  • Notifications generated for your receiving a message
  • Notifications generated on updates or comment postings to records that you created.
  • Notifications generated on updates or comment postings to records for which you are selected in the User selection field in the app form.
  • Notifications generated by a value of app record meeting a certain condition
  • Reminder notifications from apps
  • Notifications generated on your getting assigned as the assignee in an app with the Process Management feature enabled

For details, see the column describing the user who receives "To Me" notifications in the "When and to Whom Notifications Are Sent" page.

The "To Me" notifications may be grouped, depending on the defined conditions.
For details, see the description in Group Notifications.