Setting Default Filter Condition Value/Sort by Value for Records

By creating "View", you can set default values of "Filter Condition" and "Sort By" for records to display.

When creating a view, you set a filter condition and a sort order for records that you want to display. If you select the created view in the Record view, the display changes to reflect your settings.

Described below are the steps to create a view and to set that view as the default.

  1. In the app setting screen, open the "View" tab, and then click the icon to add a view Image.

  2. Enter a view name in "Name", and drag and drop fields, which you want to display in the record view, to the right area.

  3. Specify a filter condition and a sort order, and then click Save.

  4. Move the added view to the top by dragging and dropping the reorder icon Image in the list of existing views.

  5. Click Save on the upper left of the screen, and the click Update App.