Enabling 2-Step Verification Authentication for Guests

This section explains how to enable 2-step verification authentication to enhance authentication for guests.

2-step verification authentication is an authentication method that requires users to enter not only their e-mail address and password but also a unique verification code for every login. A verification code is valid only for one-time use and cannot be used for subsequent logins. This prevents unauthorized logins, even when a password is leaked to others. Guests receive their verification code at the e-mail address specified for their login.

Authentication setting Login requirements
2-step verification is disabled Enter e-mail address and password
2-step verification is enabled Enter e-mail address, password, and verification code that is sent to the e-mail address

To enable 2-step verification authentication for guests:

  1. Open the Kintone Administration screen.
    Opening the Kintone Administration Screen
  2. Click "Guest Authentication".
  3. Select the "Use 2-step verification for guest authentication" check box.
  4. Click "Save".