Creating a New App by Duplicating an Existing App (Copying an App)

Article Number:040630

You can create a new app by duplicating an existing app.
This allows you to save the effort required for configuring the App Settings from scratch, as the new app inherits the original app's Form setting, Views setting, and other settings.
To create a new app by duplicating an existing app, you need the permission to manage the app. For details on how to configure the permission to manage an app, refer to the following page:
Configuring Permissions for App

Settings that are not migrated to the new app

When you duplicate an existing app to create a new app, the new app will not inherit the following settings:

  • App Code
  • API Token
  • Webhooks setting
  • Slack Integration
  • Settings of each plug-in in use
    Each plug-in's status (enabled/disabled) will be migrated.
  • Notes for app administrators
    If the Include the content of this notes in app template or duplicated app check box is selected on the "Edit Notes for App Administrators" screen, the notes will be migrated to the new app.
    For details, refer to Setting up Notes for App Administrators.
  • The app's record data
    When you create a new app by duplicating an app, the new app will have no records in it.
    If you want to migrate the records of the original app, export the record data of the original app to a file and import the file into the new app.
    For detailed steps, refer to the following pages.
    Exporting Data to a File
    Importing Record Data from a File into an App


  1. On the Kintone Portal, click the Create App icon (the plus sign-shaped icon in the Apps section). Screenshot: The "Create App" button on Portal is highlighted

  2. Click Create from Existing App. Screenshot: "Create from Existing App" on the screen to create apps is highlighted

  3. Click Duplicate This App for the app you want to duplicate. Screenshot: The screen to create an app from an existing app

  4. The app is duplicated, and you will be navigated to the "App Settings" screen of the new app.
    You can modify the app form here. Screenshot: The "App Settings" screen

  5. Click Activate App. Screenshot: "Activate App" outlined in red on the "App Settings" screen

  6. Click OK. Screenshot: "OK" on the confirmation dialog is highlighted

You have successfully created a new app by duplicating an existing app. Screenshot: The new app created by duplicating an existing app