Changing the First Month of the Fiscal Year

Once you set the first month of the fiscal year, it will be used in the Graph and Sum features
With the graph feature and the sum feature, you can summarize data per quarter with the value in the Date and time field.

For example, in an app for managing product sales data, you may set the first month of the fiscal year to April.
In this case, you can summarize the sales data for each of the following four periods:

  • The first quarter (April to June)
  • The second quarter (July to September)
  • The third quarter (October to December)
  • The fourth quarter (January to March)

Picture By default, the first month of the fiscal year is set to April.

  1. Click the Settings button Settings button on the upper right of the View, select "App Settings" tab > "Advanced Settings", and then select Misc Settings.
  2. Select a month in "First Month of Fiscal Year".
  3. Click "Save" on the upper left side of the screen.